Saturday, March 6, 2010

A call is all I need...

Like this blog, I've been DOWNED for the past few days.
There's many things going in and out of my neuron transmitting center a.k.a. my BRAINS. One of the headaches, AS TRIALS are due 3 weeks away.

The TRIALS, like Test 3,
determines whether the scholars are eligible to retain their scholarship for the next semester. It makes me feel sick when thinking of it. I MUST retain my scholarship because I never want my parents to pay for my education at this level. And of course, they have high hopes on me doing just that. The conditions for retaining the scholarship are:
1) Get average 60 marks for all subjects,
2) Pass in every subject,
3) Attend every internal tests.
I'm still in the region of average 60+ marks in every test so far. But what that worries me is my inability to push myself to get better grades. I've FAILED to get the best of myself!!!

Besides that, my goal of getting to Cambridge seems....
It might as well remain as a dream...
I can definitely feel the pressure mounting...
Now is the time to do or die...

I've called my childhood friend yesterday and talked for quite some time.
Its really nice to know that there's still a person out there who are willing to listen to my problems and gimme some advice/ encouragement. Despite being busy with all her studies and workload, she was kind enough to spend time talking to me. Its been so long since the last time I talked so long and so many thing about my life with a friend.

She even sent me a picture to encourage me...
With the picture was a message saying:
"Reminded me of God's love when I was praying in the morning. God bless you!"


I'm well pumped up now.
I do not want to disappoint my parents and myself.
Time to bounce back and resume my bid to be a Cambridge student!

"What that doesn't kill me makes me stronger!!!"

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  1. All the best in ur upcoming exams dude. Dun have 2 push ur self too hard as long as u hv done ur best.