Monday, January 10, 2011

Of Losing and Lost

In everyone's life,
we are bound to lose something. This is a reality that nobody can escape. But have you ever ask yourself this; What is the different in feel of losing something and of something lost?

The answer depends on individuals.
My answer? When I'm losing something, I experience fear and anxiety. This feeling comes from the root of all fear, fear of the unknown. When we're about to lose something important, the visions of life without the "thing" would kick into mind. As a pessimist, I often envision the worse case scenario. Thus, I rather hang on to things and hope that it will remain as it is. The anxiety is due to the possibility of "fixing" the problem where every single decision counts. I must think very carefully in structuring my strategy to prevent the "thing" to being lost. The fear and anxiety will remain in the whole process of losing that "thing".

When it come to have lost something.
The feeling is remorse. One thing that can be cured only by time or by substitution. Have you ever broke a favourite toy when you were young or scrapped some paint off your car over an accident? The feeling is much similar. You feel bad at first but you'll get over it after some time. Your parents will probably get you something new and throw the broken toy into the bin. You get a paint job or better still, get a new car. There, problem solved. However, I do feel the same remorse over some things that I've lost. But I can do nothing more than that.

Some of the time,
I opt to ignore the problem and tell myself "everything is fine, this is just a dream, everything will turn out good after I am awake". Naive I am. But that is just how I wish life could be.

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