Saturday, February 27, 2010

Greatest Protest in TARC History~

This post supposedly be posted on Wednesday but the line on that day is really bad.
We, students of SN10E, G and H did something really exciting that day. Lead by our beloved Chemistry lecturer, Mr. David Loh to the office and stunt every lecturers/ clerks there. The sole purpose of us doing so is to make a report on the faulty projector in DK2.

Before the Chemistry lecture, we were having Pure Maths lecture.
It was super boring and everyone was so sleepy. Soon after the lecture, most of us went to the toilet to "freshen" up. When I came out of the toilet, I was puzzled by my lecture-mates walking towards H-Block. As first, I thought that we were changing lecture venue - AGAIN (we've been doing that quite often as DK2 have many problems in the past).

Pak Cik Loh came to the lecture just to find out that the projector is faulty.
He always tell us to inform the office about any problem during our lecture. However, he took a step further this time - telling the whole lecture to make a report at the office. And we did so... We walked en masse to the office lead by Pak Cik Loh like a general with his distressed army. He told us to go into to the office and talk to Mr.Low and another lady in-charge (IDK her name). Some of the clerks and lecturers in the office looked disgusted when Pak Cik Loh stormed the office. Even Ms Hwang was surprised by us. Shortly after that, she order the classes to move back to DK2. The only few who stayed on was Pak Cik Loh, Larry, Vi, Marquez, Mei Yean and I.

As Pak Cik Loh would like us to do, we argued with Mr.Low and the lady.
The one thing that got us really discontented is the weakness of the current system used by the office in fixing any problem that arise. During the discussion, Pak Cik Loh pointed out that DK2 has been faulty for quite some time and reports are made but nothing was done. To our surprise, the lady said that it was none of their concern as the projectors and computers are under CITC's right and all maintenance are only done by CITC. Worst still, we can only make a report via e-mail to the CITC. Zadou... Hello? We're here to make a report and you tell us to write a report and send em to CITC via e-mail? Lu OK bo O.o??? We were like "what? You mean as the office, you guys can't even do anything to have the problem solved?". She simply replied "its not our (the office) rights to do (interfering the CITC's work) so".

As the discussion moved on,
the lady even suggested that it might be the lecturers' fault that the projector is not working as Mr.Low was able to use it during his lecture. That was the killer - Pak Cik Loh really got pissed off and he asked the lady "are you saying that I'm retarded?". With his brilliant sarcasm, he said to us "they (the office people) are all very nice person, we come here just to let them know there is a problem and you look, she already glum.". Later on, he said "If a plane crash, would the engineer say he'll fix the plane after it crash? Of course he have to make sure the plane is in good condition before lifting off..." and said "my students are all very concerned about their studies.".

In the end, the office wasn't able to do anything.
I was really disappointed by the inability of the office to fix such a minor problem... Thank God that I wasn't in SWC dealing with such people. Its a common culture that the divisions pushing responsibilities. We went back to DK2 and make use of what we had - the white board. Pak Cik Loh was clearly pissed to the max as he slammed the door after leaving the office. Mr. Siva came to the office right before we leave and I heard him saying "Its not even one month and he have started again?". It was a cool experience. Pak Cik Loh showed courage even by means of being a pain in the ass for some people in the office. He just wanted things to be done and that's how to get things done. He's truly one that denies protocols and expects actions more than words... Just like how we don't follow some rules... Mr.David Loh is our best lecturer!!!

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