Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner Jinx

Its been 2 days consecutively
that something odd happened to the places I had my dinner. First was on Monday night. Had dinner at Midnight Corner which I have not been there for a few years. We had our orders taken and as soon as all our dishes was served, we heard a loud exploding sound from the kitchen. All the workers were rushing out of the kitchen and said "letup, letup".

My dad asked one of them what happened and he said "paip gas letup".
Everyone was running out of the restaurant and we ran as well. We got into our car and drove away to the streets (the restaurant is beside a street). After a while, there were nothing much happening and we went back to check the place. We had our dinner there since the dishes were already served. It was kinda like our responsibility to pay for our food even if we don't want to stay on and eat it.

It was the first time
that we had our dinner at the restaurant completely empty. We sat right in the middle of the restaurant as if we booked the whole restaurant. The customers who came after the incident was all turned away. The waiters told them that the kitchen is out of service. Those customers look at us with curiosity because the kitchen is suppose to be out of service. Albeit, we're having our dinner happily.

Today we had our dinner at T & L.
It was the second time we have an unusual dining experience. We had our food halfway and suddenly it was pouring cats and dogs. The restaurant was out of electricity for a brief moment. A wire trip I suppose. Reminded us of how lucky we are to have such dining experiences.

Dad wanna see what happens to the next place we have our dinner.
Maybe we are really dinner jinxes.

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