Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Journey Day 1

Day 1,
I've taken down the email addresses as well as contact numbers of all possible sponsors. Written an email to each sponsors notifying them of my situation. Then, I called all of them. So far, I've only reach 2 sponsors;

Yayasan UEM,
The officer told me that Yayasan UEM is only for SPM leavers and they have no allocations for A-level students. I asked them whether they are affiliated to Yayasan Khazanah and he said yes. So, I asked for Yayasan Khazanah's extension but he don't know. I've tried to call Yayasan Khazanah but all I get was the computerized operator.

Public Service Department,
I called on my own and they did not answer. After I went to have a hair cut with Kar June, he help me to call and the officer wasn't quite sure about scholarships for Overseas students. Apparently, they have yet to announce the allocation for such scholarships. I was asked to contact the Head of Pembangunan Modal Insan instead.

So far, my biggest progress is the emails.
Its gonna be a long way up there...

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