Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Journey Day 2

Didn't do much today.
Dad called YB Chang Hong Seong to see if MCA can help out and he gave dad the MCA Youth's office number. So, I called them and asked them whether they can help in any possible way. The lady responded in polite manners and advised me to send an email to them along with my offer letter so that they can provide me with a supporting letter. However, I was told that so far, there are no allocation for invilid (that's what they call the type of scholarship) scholarships. But I can try to get one.

As for others,
I have yet to get any replies. As for JPA, currently working on the email that I gotta send to the head of office. I need to convince him in meeting me or give me a chance. Asked Li Ann's help but it might cause some trouble to her. So, I decided not having her to go into all the hassles. Just do the things on my own. Its my problem anyways.

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