Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chemistry Lecture

Today Chemistry lecture got weird gas smell outta the AC again.
Initially, we thought that the wire were burnt. That was in DK2. We felt weird as the class before(SN10A, B, C and D aka the so called scholar class) taught by Mr.Siva moved to DK3 for the lecture. Then, we found out that the projector in DK2 is not functioning. Oh, well, we don't give a damn bout it and went to DK3 for lecture. Gosh, the DK's AC went off and the whole DK was so hot. Not long after, there was the same hovering sound that came outta the AC. And that weird gas smell was there again. But this time we insisted Mr.David Loh(David Zhai as Theng calls him) to teach us because we're a bunch of good kids... *Big GRIN*

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