Saturday, October 24, 2009

*@#$%* Warning Letter!!!

Dear Yee Man,


We refer to the TARC Merit Scholarship Awards given to deserving students who have achieved academic excellence in their SPM examination and which you are a recipient.

We wish to remind you that it sis clearly stipulated in our "Notice to Scholars" that you must comply with ALL the requirements stated below for retention of this scholarship.
  • You must sit for all tests and examinations conducted by the college.
  • You must pass all your class tests and examinations.
  • You must maintain an average mark of 60% for all your tests and examinations.
Your class results have shown that you have failed to meet the above requirements.

We urge you to reconsider your attitude towards your studies and to make a determined effort to do better in the coming Year-end Examination which will be held in November of this year. Please note that this examination is compulsory for all students and, in your case, it is to enable us to reassess your performance with regards to your scholarship.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in losing your scholarship.

This letter is issued to you without prejudice to our official scholarship offer letter to you with regards to other requirements by which you are also bound.

We wish you every success in your endeavor.

Scholarship Reviews Committee
School of Pre-University Studies

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