Sunday, October 18, 2009

D'vali Open House @ Yu's Place

Okay, I know its not EXACTLY Sarayu(Yu)'s house.
Its her aunt's house.
Well, doesn't matter...

The point is, it was a great night thanks to Yu and her family.
Almost 2/3 of our class was present at there. Terence, Aaron, John, Wai Hong, Keng Hong, Mun Hoong, Kevin, Cassandra, Piak Lin, Prisca, Siew Ru, Ah Bo and I were there. Ah Theng is the immigrant again... Haha...

Its Deepavali and time to stuff my tummy with Indian dishes!
Ah Bo's dad fetched Ah Theng and I. We were the 1st to arrive punctually(for Ah Bo is puncture). The 1st thing I noticed when I went into the house was the rice painting(I've forgotten what they call it) on the floor. Its very nice and colourful. Then it was kinda awkward for the 3 of us because we were the only 3 from our college at that time. The 3 of us sit on the same sofa. Ah Bo took 1/2 of the space while Ah Theng and I share the other 1/2. Lucky we are thin, not like Ah Bo... XD

Then, we went out with Yu to lead Wai Hong and Cassandra to Yu's place.
When we arrived at Yu's place, Yu introduced us to her mom. Her first reaction when she was introduced to Mun Hoong was "You are Mun Hong? I thought Mun Hoong is suppose to be a girl?". Haha... She is a nice lady.

Short while later, its time for the FOOD!
Its been so long since I've eaten Indian home cook food. The last was at Mura's house during last year's Deepavali. The food was awesome! Especially the curry mutton. There is also salad, fried chicken, prawn, white rice, spice rice, curry and some veges. Even though its quite spicy but its acceptable to me. Kevin was full of sweat when he was eating.

Terence came late because he was working as MC for the game competition at 1U.
When he came, Yu's mother asked him "You are the boy who are afraid of cockroach, right?" I was right beside him and I laughed so loud. Terence said that the boy who are afraid of cockroach is Mun Hoong. LoL...

We really had fun. But too bad we're having class tomorrow.
Everyone left quite early. Terence, Ah Bo, Ah Theng and I stayed till 10.30pm because there was a huge traffic jam at the MRR2 highway and Ah Bo's dad used that highway. I reached home at 10.45 and now, I'm writing this post while waiting Ah Theng to reply my message which I think wouldn't happen because she's probably on "Palau" mode again... Well, just carry on with my Physics tutorials then...

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