Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Makan @ McD

It is Tuesday as usual!
Break at 12.30pm to 2pm...
And once again, we ended up eating McDonald's. There were about 15 of us. Kev, Marquez and I bought the large McValue Lunch and got the Coca-cola contour cup. I wasn't really fancied to collect all the cups but I just got one for my sis which she gotta wait till November to get it. Its a green one but Choi Sen(the girl who sits beside me in most of the lecture) and her friend argued with me that it was a clear one instead. Of course its a clear one! Its made of glass lar... =..="...

It's either we're bunch of jinx or it's just a coincidence. Last Wednesday, our DK went outta electricity. Today, the same happened at McD. We were all enjoying our food and suddenly, the shop went into a total black out. McD was the only shop that experience the black out... I guess the owner forgot to pay his electricity bill... XD

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