Saturday, October 24, 2009

What The HECK!!!

Just in case you don't know what happened,
read the post before this.

Seriously, why the heck the school officials wanna further pressurise us by giving us an unnecessary warning letter???
Most of us, if not, half of us was able to the meet the requirement!!!
Mun Hoong(top in Physics and Chemistry), Tze Jian(the all-rounder), Prisca(top in Biology and Pure maths), Marques(another all-rounder), Piak Lin(one of the only two who scored A for Biology), and so many more, including myself(top in Applied maths) met all three requirements set by the scholarship board.
  • We sat for every tests and examinations.
  • We pass all the papers.
  • We was able to maintain average mark of 60%.
The sole reason for the letter was that all of us had at least one C or worst grade in our results.
But hey, can't you guys include that in the letter???
What if our parents see this letter???
They would think that we lied to them about our results!
Luckily, my parents are one of those few parents that trust their children.

Can't they understand that by giving this letter,
there's a chance of raising our determination but at the same time, consider the amount of pressure and stress that it might bring to some of us! Its already bad that some of us had not been sleeping well for the past few weeks. The letter will make it worst!

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