Saturday, April 3, 2010

Before/ After AS Trials

This two weeks have been super busy.
Have been studied like mad, ate with a bottomless stomach and lived a nocturnal life.
All thanks to AS Trials.
I've even exceeded Mr.Loh's suggestion of studying 10 hours/day.
Its crazy, I know...
Perhaps I have to live with it for another few years.
Now that the Trials is over, its like a burden off my shoulders.
Great news is that I'll be retaining my scholarship.
The downside, my grades ain't looking good enough.

Any how, the best thing about the Trials is I get to sleep during the afternoons.
Exam time is usually at 8.30am till 9.30am.
Plus minus the time I take my breakfast, I get to sleep at 12pm till 6pm.
Larry, Tze Jian and I formed a human trafficking syndicate to smuggle Joel Leeverpool in and out of the hostel.
We enjoyed the MU-Liverpool match at TBR too.
Its fun watching MU trash Liverpool. =P

Dum Dum Mun Hoong yang SEXY, Keng Hong, Siew Ru and Bo came on Monday.
They didn't realise that the exam time was at 1.30pm.
Dum Dum didn't sleep the night before and dozed off.
He's trully SEXY~

Right after the last paper on Wednesday, we all went to KLCC to watch movie.
Kev, T-ben and Esther Chee Yuen Ting(Go Genting) tagged along.
We watched The Daybreaker.
The story line was okay but the ending seriously potong steam.
I was suppose to be playing futsal with the guys that evening.
But I was made moodless by some people and the journey was freaking time wasting.
I'll never go to that place again.

Now that the Trials is over, I'm a free man again.
Free till not knowing what to do.
Study perhaps???
LOL!!! =P

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