Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There are nothing much that happened last week.
It passed by peacefully and I've wasted every single moment either by playing basketball, sleeping or just plain "buat bodoh"... Starting to be infested by the Piggie Syndrome...

I've gotten most of my trials result.
It is not pretty...
General Papers-Unknown.
Chemistry-58, 2 mark short to a C.
Physics-61, right on my target.
Maths-72, kinda disappointed with my Pure Maths.
Biology-79, 1 mark short of an A.
Freaking sad case.
Well, at least I'm still retaining my scholarship. Unless I fail my GP. Touch wood! Touch wood!!!

Talking bout wood makes me think of Kayu.
Touch Kayu! Touch Kayu! xD
Please don't mistaken, I'm straight, not gay. I miss many of my "Last Minute Gang". Its been so long that we last hangout as a complete gang - we do hang out once in a while but in a much smaller group. I've texted Kayu yesterday. It is good to know that the fellas at MMU (Kayu, Chibi and Musang) are doing well. Wei Shan is scoring his As as usual at Uniten, Ching is going to end her matrix soon, Cho and Sean should be doing fine in SABS. Not so sure about the rest though... See them often only on Facebook.

Kayu even urged me to make a move on who-you-know.
I've thought bout it but never dare to think far. After all, we're doing great as friends for the time being. I mean, I'll call her every now and then just to know her situation. She was sick the other day and I got kinda worried. I checked her up through phone calls few days consecutively. Most probably she'll just think that I'm a caring friend. Jian even joked that I look so joyous and "full of love" when I call her. Crappy roommate. He himself doesn't dare to make a move on the person he like. "What is yours, is yours." Sounds like some old conservative guy and he is.
Wait till he sees this post.

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