Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brave Sword Try-out

Last Monday was badminton day.
It was a random plan by Theeben and I because we've nothing to do. I figured that it was a good opportunity to bring Kyle's Brave Sword along and give it a try. The original plan was to play at TARC Sports Complex but it was booked for some kinda activity. Then T-ben asked his friends for venue suggestion and found a place at Sri Rampai. The place is still quite new.

Many of our lecture mates came along.
Tze Jian, Leeverpool, Chest Chest, Vinayakraj, Wye Kik, Jeremy, Denise, Mimi and Cynthia Boom Boom Pow Monkey Big Bicep Beruk Lee Suan Chin came together in 3 cars driven by Joel, Wye Kik and T-ben.

The price for court rental is RM20 per hour and shuttles are RM25 per dozen.
It was a lot cheaper compared to Challengers at Cheras. And saves time traveling there too.
ps: I don't like Challenger. Made me emo the last time we went there.
We played for 2 hours and went to have our dinner at McD-the place where you can get free refill as reckoned by Vi.

I'm not particularly good in badminton.
After all, I've quit badminton since standard 6. I can't even smash properly now... Thanks to the old injury on my wrist. The only 2 pros amongst us are T-ben and Chester. One used to be a state player and another had trainings during his younger days. Both are equally good. We had a good time playing and really enjoyed the day.

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