Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sick, Bored, Mood-less = Never study

Well, AS is just 3 weeks away...
I've yet start studying (otherwise I won't be sitting here and blogging my time off)...
To be frank, I've no idea what there are for me to study...
I mean, if its revising, yes, there are much to do.
Study, I've gone through all my notes so many times till I've lost count.
Each time I go through the notes, I'll be like clicking the REFRESH button.

Besides, I'm beginning to feel kinda guilty for skipping classes.
Yup, skip class...
Not very typical of me but I've did it...
For the sake of sleeping.

I was hit by some unknown, new-strand of flu like symptom plus ulcers, sore throat, cough and headache.
No worries, its not HINI.
Guess its just what the old people often say,
I've been eating too much "heaty" food - Mamak, malay food, fast food, bak kut teh, etc.
All those heat sums up and I've became "overheated" just like a radiator.
Luckily all is reduced to an ulcer and minor sore throat.

The whole week passed by rather quick.
Or should I say, time passes real quick when you sleep?
I've slept 50% of the week away.
I don't know why and how I can sleep for 12 hours a day yet feeling sleepy all the time.
I've even got lazy of playing basketball.
Perhaps my sub-consciousness is telling my brain that I should rest for a week before going full steam ahead?
I barely studied anything this week.
Except for going through the 03 October/November Bio Papers and a few Chem Paper 1.
Maths, Physics and GP - none.

Guess this is the time for me to beef up all the subjects.

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