Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hidden stress?

Monday was a day wasted at college.
This is due to the launching of the water fountain at our SPUS H-block. It was suppose to be a go-green thing. But in my opinion, its a waste of time, effort, and money - our money. Besides, why need an artificial pond as a go-green project? I'm not against landscaping or tree-growing. The main point is - its artificial. What's the fuss? =..="...

Once again, aren't there any good speaker in the house?
Of all the people, Gabriel (not as you've probably imagine - the 6-feet tall, wingless angle that protects the mother of the next saviour of mankind in the movie) was chosen as the master of ceremony (MC). His level of LAMEness is what Pak Cik Loh will label as MONUMENTAL MORON. Quote of the day from Gabe: I will block the wind from blowing the balloons/ I will pop your balloon. That's beyond god-like weih... Should have taken a video clip of Pak Cik Loh when he said that.

But I must praise the guy who performed.
His beat-boxing skills are great even though the sound system potong steam.

Balloons and fishes was sold to the students as part of "charity".
I don't see where that is going. Anyhow, at the peak of the ceremony, the fishes were to be let off into the pond and those who bought the balloons were suppose to let the helium-filled rubber to fly off to the sky... For your knowledge, a fish costs 5bucks while the balloons are 2bucks each. You buy em and let em go just like that... COOL STORY, bro! (Learnt that from Terence =D)

The evening was okay.
Well, sort of...
Cause I went for basketball with the rest. I wouldn't say that it was time wasting like some people would say. If you think that playing basketball is time wasting, why don't you just go and be a friggin lifeless bookworm? It is one of the many things that help you get healthier - physically and mentally. One thing is quite concerning though, my temper is starting to build up. Time to cut the temper before its too late.

Dinner was nothing short of COOLness.
With Ter around, anything story can be a cool one - like the ones his grandmother tells. Ter and Mei Yan was studying at the library and bumped into us when they were leaving. Then we had dinner together. Its the first time the people from B, C, E, and H to eat together. We had fun and shared many COOL STORIES.

After dinner, we went back hostel.
I was stoning the whole night after bath. Feeling really bad after I've talked with mom through the phone. I've talked to her with a heavy tone after she started to nag me for not answering dad's call during dinner. I was wrong for not realising but mom was a bit exaggerated. But still, its not right for me to do that... So, SORRY MOM! Was in a bad mood at that time... I really don't know why... Perhaps its hidden stress? Starting to show its streak?

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