Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY "Chor Luk"

I'm finally back in Kuantan!!!
It was really tiring after staying at Genting for two nights... Didn't really enjoy it anyways... Its still home sweet home! Slept till 12.30pm on the sofa (I sleep on the sofa nowadays).

Had my brunch at grandma's house.
Then, at around 2pm, Kayu and co came to my house and we went to Yew Hau's (my bsb captain) house. Like the previous year, we went there to play Nintendo Wii... x) We played a few games till 4pm.

My hands are getting rusty...
So, I've decided to call my friends for a game or two of bsb. Only few came - Chibi, Kaev, Chee Kong, Hoh, Vickter, Caleb and Ah Boon... We're all getting old and stamina is quickly catching up for some of us (especially Chibi). I did enjoy playing with them.

The night was okay too...
We went to Fei Sin's house and stayed there for awhile... Then Kayu and I went yc with Chibi... We chatted about everything... Its been so long since the three of us can chat like this... Without realising, we still have another day left at Kuantan... Then, we'll have to wait another one month or so to meet again... =\

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