Friday, February 5, 2010

Test 4, Day 3

Another day of hell-ish Test 4...
Its a catastrophe. Sat for the Pure Maths paper in the first class... That's the killer... I studied vectors and integration for 5 hours the day before and marks for both topics are equal to one question on differentiation...

I didn't get much sleep for the past few days.
I'm totally on hibernation mode - slept in every class, including Mr.Loh's class. He noticed that but didn't say anything much. Even still, I felt bad for sleeping in his class. Not that I want to. I've tried to stay awake but my eyes are heavy... Hope he'll forgive me for that....
I managed to get one of his quote of the day anyways:
"The carbocation is positively charged, it is attracted by the electron donating group - just like a guy, if he go clubbing, he won't go to gay club..."

Sat for General Papers part 1 in the afternoons too.
The question I've chosen is "Playing games teaches us about life, how far do you agree with the statement?". I have many points but am worried that my way of presenting my points aren't good enough... =\

At least today is a day that I can chill for awhile.
Can't wait for tomorrow's basketball game. Its been a while since I last played a game...

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