Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Officially Gayed & Sushi Bonanza~

Yup, I'm officially GAYED by Low Mun Hoong.
While I was chatting with Mei Yean this morning, Hoong came to us and he grabbed my left hand. He took the nail polish that Denise brought to school and paint them on my finger nails. Worst still, he used bright colours! Now I'm part of the colourful nails gang consisting Baby Terence, Mun Hoong SEXY, Mei Yean the Blur Case, Denise the Cruel, Kev and T-ben.
My poor finger nails...

We planned to show our colourful nails to Mr. David Loh a.k.a. Pak Cik Loh during our Chemistry practical. Ter, Hoong, Kev and I waited to be the last 4 to pass up our papers. Before our turn, Mr. Siva came to our class to talk to Pak Cik Loh and he noticed Ter's nails. He said to Ter "you must be Anwar's good friend". Pak Cik Loh wasn't surprised as Denise's class had their practical earlier and Pak Cik Loh already seen colourful nails. He said that we must be down on some kinda "disease"... LOL!!!

After the practicals, we went to Sushi King at Ampang Point.
Well, we must have self-indulgence once in a while right??? xP It was really nice to eat with our friends... We travelled to Ampang Point via Ter's car but went back TARC via T-ben's car. It took Ter 10 minutes to reach Ampang Point with clear traffic and T-ben took just 5 minutes to reach TARC on a congested road. It is always a thrill to be sitting in T-ben's car...

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  1. haha...its always a thrill sitting in my car ah..
    haha,well i didnt realise that until i saw the video clip..after watching the video clip ,then i saw oh i really drive that scary..when i'm rushing..
    but there is nothing to be worried about.i love to say this "SPEED IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROLL"