Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY Reunion Dinner

Like every year before this,
all my uncles and aunts are back at Kuantan for the "nin sam sap man" or "tein yuen" or simply CNY Reunion Dinner. Of course, all my cousins are back too...

This year's Reunion Dinner is really boring.
First, my dad is the eldest son in the family and my family reach there on time just to wait for the rest for like 30 minuntes... Plus, Kel is not around... Simon is in a bad mood over his work... Then, I feel that there's not much of a "click" between me and my cousins. They are still too childish and a few who grew really egoistic. Sam told me one of them is really "kuai lan"... I told her that they can "kuai lan" through action but I can "kuai lan" verbally...

Set apart the "kuai lan" people.
Each year, I would be more socialistic than this year. This year, however, I just sat on my sit the whole dinner. The only few people I've really talked to is my Aunt Lee Lee (dad's sister), her husband, my little cousins "Geli" boy and "Yii" boy, my grandma and grandpa.

Like I said, I can "kuai lan" verbally...
Dad came to ask us why there's so much dish left at our table. The first thing I said was "everyone is on diet except me". Throughout the dinner, I've said a few sarcastic words meant to bombard some people. "I'm not a mean person but I only talk in specific ways with specific people".

Then only fun thing in the whole dinner is "Geli" boy.
He's a short, skinny and talkative 10 year old kid which loves to stick to me. I like to make him speechless... =P

I told him that he's much older now.
He said I'm older. Then, I said you were 9 last year and 10 this year. Increased from 1 digit to 2 digits. But mine remain 2 digits. Then, he was playing with his chopsticks - poking his pants with it. Everyone looked at him and laughed. I said to "Yii" boy ("Geli" boy's elder bro) "dunno what you do at home till your lil bro will do such thing". Then, "Geli" begin to pull my arms and I told him not to be gay. He asked me what is gay? I told him to ask his bro and his bro was speechless. Later on, I told him not to "SM" me. Again, he asked me what is "SM"? Then he said "Owh, you're talking about SMS? I said "yeah, SMS is the plural for SM. Just like your teacher taught you that one cookies and many cookies. Just add "s" behind the word"... XD

The dinner ended at 10pm and we went back to our respective home.
Thank God I can tahan the whole dinner. But I'll always keep my dad's advice at heart - relatives are still relatives, no matter what, just don't be rude to them. I'm not rude and I will not be. I'll just keep things to myself...

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