Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY "Chor Sam"

Chor Sam was the best day of CNY I've had for this year.
Its special because this is the first time for me to invite so many friends to my house. In the previous years, my parents are too busy or if not, they are lazy to invite anyone to my house.

My dad started off with me waking up at 12pm.
Then, my family waited for my dad to come back home from Perwaja (yeah, he's kinda workaholic nowadays). He reached home at around 1.30pm. We had our lunch together at "Ong Lai" Restaurant. After lunch, I went to fetch Wei Shan from his home and went to Chibi's house. We stayed there till 3.30pm.

At 4pm, everyone came to my house.
It was awesome. Even though some of my friends didn't make it. Its great to have all my besties at my house, enjoying themselves. We gambled a bit (just for the fun of it) and chit-chated till 6pm. I've lost 8 bucks but like Chia said, "you lose money but you'll feel happy"... XD

At night, we went for a movie at Mega.
We were late for 20 minutes... The movie was cool, staring Leehom and Jackie Chan... After the movie, we came out and stood outside the cinema. Its the same old question again - "hui bin dou yumcha?" which means go where to drink tea? I was touching my head and then put my hand down... Suddenly, I felt something really cold at the tip of my hand and my hand gave a a quick reflex only then I realise its a girl's hand. Seriously awkward... Chibi told me that the girl is very pretty but I didn't look at her. He said it must be my lucky day...

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