Sunday, November 15, 2009

1U Outting

Went to 1U with Kev, Li Jin, Teck Wei and Yi Wei yesterday!
It was my 2nd visit there, the 1st was with my NS buddies. Woke up early in the morning to get to the LRT station and take LRT to Kelana Jaya. Darn far weih... Its like from one end of the LRT Kelana Jaya line to the other end. Took us around 45 minutes to reach... Then, we took the RapidsKL U43 bus to 1U.

The first thing that came to mind or rather to stomach was the sound of a lion's growl.
We were all hungry! I didn't had the time to eat breakfast in the morning. So, we went food hunting... We scouted the whole 1st floor and ended up at Wong Kok Char Chan Tiang, a Hong Kong-based franchise. I wonder why I always end up eating at some Hong Kie restaurant when I come out with Li Jin... The food wasn't that bad but I ordered the wrong drink!!!

Teck Wei and Li Jin

Kev ordered Curry Udon and Xi Mut Milk Tea

My Nissin Soup with Beef Slice

This is the drink I've mentioned. It is Almond Tea that tasted like spoilt cough syrup with flour... =..="...

After lunch, we went to shop around.
Only Li Jin is doing all the shopping which evolves money... The rest of us just go around window-shopping... Haha... I wanted to buy a guitar when we stopped at the instrument shop. But after some thinking, I felt that I better buy one at Kuantan. Who knows if dad gonna pay for it.. XP

Yi Wei and Kev went to meet up with their friends at noon.
The three of us (Teck Wei, Li Jin and me) continued to search for Shao Wen's birthday present. We ended up at a gift shop, buying her a music box which cost 64 bucks... The most expensive birthday present I've received from friends up to now is less than 50 buck... =\

We stopped by at the Wild Channel shop to look around and a guy promoter approach us.
He was a smooth talker when we tried to convince us to buy a wallet. But too bad we aren't so easy to convince. I think he pissed Teck Wei off too. The first thing he said to Teck Wei was "I thought you were a primary school student". Then he asked her whether she is "local". Teck Wei answered this > I am Malaysian... Both Li Jin and I laughed like mad... XD

We had our dinner at Teriyaki.
I've ordered Beef Teriyaki... It was okay but the beef was a bit too dry... I still prefer the first ever Teriyaki that I had with my 2nd brother at Genting years ago. I wonder if the shop is still there.

We went to a Korean shop which sells all sort of Korean stuffs.
The lady owner was pure Korean. Luckily she speaks fluent English. If not, I gotta call BoBo for her help. Or Tze Jian... I bought a few things at there. We met up with Kev and Yi Wei when we wanted to go back to Wangsa Maju. We had to walk all the way from the new wing to the old wing then back again to take the bus. Darn tired... We reached Wangsa Maju LRT station at 9.20p.m. and took taxi back. Spent around 8-9 hours at 1U...

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