Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pavilion & Times Square Outing!

Imagine this, the first outing for 2 Kuantan boys are:
> at Pavilion,
> with 2 KL people
> and 1 Batu Pahat guy
> watching MJ's "This Is It"
> and going around window shopping

Yep, that's what happened on 8th November.
Peng Keat and I went for an outing with Kevin Lee, Denise Tan and Vi(his full name is freaking complicated to just even spell it). Originally, it was just a plan between Kev and I. We wanted to get some entertainment after going through hell of a week for our Test 3. Then I asked Denise and Mei Yean(the one who lepas aeroplane). Vi and Peng Keat was invited later on.

The day started off with Kev and I meeting on our way to Wangsa Maju LRT station.
Kev was really lucky that day, he didn't pay for his bus ticket and found a coin in the arcade later on. We went to had our lunch at Wangsa Maju before meeting Peng Keat.

Soon after Peng Keat arrive, we went to KLCC via LRT.
Upon arrival, Peng Keat wanted to have his lunch so we stopped by the food court at KLCC. After having lunch, we went loitering around and ended up at the Digi promotion booth. There were this XBox360 game on a mega screen which they used to play FIFA10. It was really cool but too bad I've been training on Winning Eleven, not FIFA. Then, there's this man and woman who dressed up as an all white and all black "music box".

The Mega Screen

The guy in white "music box"...

Later on, we went to Pavilion when Denise and Vi arrived.
Its much easier when you have 2 KL people leading the way. On our way to Pavilion, Denise accidentally said f**k then we all started to say that she should act more like a girl and she said that she's a guy. LoL... So, we went to GSC Pavilion and watched MJ's This Is It(luckily Mei Yean didn't join us). It was really a great film and I really love MJ's moves. At the end of the film, I realised how much I miss the time watching his videos and listening to his songs but now he's gone. A moment of sadness... Nonetheless, I'll always remember MJ as the King of Pop! *posing with hands at crotch* Yeehee! =P

After the movies, we went window shopping and stopped at Roxy to look for a present for Shao Wen. I got a little bit pissed at that time. I can't understand why if a person's birthday is around, we must buy a present that are sorely based on his/her favourite brand! So, I joked with Denise that I love AND1 shoes and told Kev that as a Man U fan, its sad that I don't have a Man U jersey(the new one)... We wasted more than an hour just going through all the products and ended up not buying a single thing! I have little patience on certain things...

We went to Nicchi and took a few snaps there too...

The camwhores...

After so many hours of walking and window shopping,
we decided to go for dinner. This is the part that I must say, Denise I love your uncle and aunt! We went to Johny's at Times Square for a free dinner(cause the owner happens to be Denise's uncle). Had hell of a dinner, everything was quite nice-especially the chicken wings... We met Denise's little sister, Ellise, working at there too. She served us and we kinda tease her whenever we can. Naughty us... x)

After dinner, we went to the arcades because Vi and Kev wanted to play Tekken.
Peng Keat and I weren't really interested with it. The 2 of us stay outside the arcades and chatted for awhile and we saw an emo girl crying alone. We didn't do anything though. After 30 minutes at the arcades, we went back to Johny's to meet up with Ellise. We went back home at 9pm. Kev, Peng Keat and I took the monorail and LRT to reach Wangsa Maju. I reached home at 11+. So ends one whole day spent with some of my college friends!

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