Friday, November 20, 2009

Outing with Judith-19/11/09

Just went out with a rather surprising person just now.
Yep, she's Judith Lim. I knew her since form 4 but didn't really contacted her for the pass 2 years(almost). We met during the 2007 National Parade.

Then during last month, on a dull night, I suddenly got a message from an unknown number.
You guess it right, its from her. Then we started to chat, not remembering who each other really are... We chat almost everyday.

Today she suddenly say she wanna come to Wangsa Maju.
So, she asked me to accompany her. She was so blur that she didn't even know how to come to Wangsa Maju... LoL... We spent around 3 hours together at Jusco before she went back to Kelana. She came all the way just to buy a sharpener, a file and a box of eyelashes... =..="...

Gonna be her tour guide again tomorrow...

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