Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm away from Kuantan for quite some time.
Recently my family signed up for a massage package at Sano, a new massage center in town. Mom told me to go for check-up there. Why not? So, we went there at 7pm today.

I went in to the room and let the guy check my bones.
He started to like pinch the back of my neck and go all the way down to my coccyx... He said... My neck and collar bones are in good condition, my upper backbones are bent - got problems with my lungs, my lower backbones are dislocated - something wrong with the stomach and my legs are slightly unbalanced in length...

So, the massage guy(yeah, a GUY) started to "tune" my bones...
He cracks every bit of my bones. It hurts... T__T He used some kinda oilment to massage my back. Now my body is sticky and I can't take bath... GREAT...

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