Friday, November 13, 2009

I survived~ ^^

Yeah yeah!!!
Got average above 60 and pass all papers for my Test 3! Helped dad save at least 3k...^^ It wasn't the best of results neither it is a solid one... My marks for all the papers:

Bio-80(A) First time get A!!! ^^
Chem-56(D) But still highest in the lecture... x)
Phy-41(E) Ngam ngam pass... =\
Maths-70(B) Below expectation... =(
GP-66(B) My essay got rusty... >.<

Overall mark 314. Average, 62.8.
Seriously, I gotta work real hard to retain my scholarship and if I ever wanna study at Cambridge, I must study at least 10 hours a day. Currently my progression gradient are and negative gradient.. I got average 69 in Test 1 and 63.3 in Test 2... Dang... Who says A-Level is easy?

I focused too much on my Chemistry till I've neglected my Maths and Physics.
I've lost at least 9 marks in Pure Maths for doing some dum stuff and 10 marks in Applied Maths. How can i see a + as -? And there's something wrong with my brains, 3 power of 2 is 8... =..="... Laziness to use the calculator caused me 3 marks... =\

Even though I'm 3rd in the class,
I'm not quite satisfied with my result. I know that I could have done very much better than this. Everyone can do so. But I was bit too lazy. After hearing that someone from SN10a can get 80+ for Chem, I feel really distress. I must get A for Chem in Test 4 next year. Show Mr. David Loh that we can do better than the smart asses!!!

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