Friday, November 20, 2009

Sem 1, DONE!

Today is the last day of my 1st Semester of Cambridge A-Level at TARC.
6 months just passed like flowing water and so many things happened. I'm really happy that it wasn't a mistake coming to TARC. I was really surprised by the level of quality here - not like the shitty college that those "38" aunties talk about every morning in the wet market. They don't know a thing bout our college. Yeah, there's many case that happened here. But that was the past. And how the college can manage to control thousands of students?

At first, I never wanted to go to the college.
I'm gonna be alone and there's so many rumors about the college. My first choice was to study at Inti Nilai... But after talking to my parents and my bro, I came here just because of the full scholarship that I'm gonna get.

The first day seriously sucks.
I went to the college with my parents. I know not a single soul there and sat at the lecture hall. I am so surprised to see some of the students dressed in such fashion that I describes as "bunch of buffoons" - shorts with tee and slippers or a few layers of shirts with pants that have strips that are apparently useless like toilet rolls out of order and shoes with untied strings dangling. First thing in mind, this is the people who are actually wanting to take A-level??? That very same day, I know only one new friend - Ho Fong Foo. A jolly nice guy I must say...

Then, I got into the class of SN10e which is described as the secondary class.
That pissed me off even worst. One of the lecturers told me that I can transfer to the "scholarship class" but I rejected the offer because I didn't want to compete with those brainiacs and do well in my class instead.

Slowly, I got closer and closer to my classmates and lecture-mates.
The first few person that I got close to was Marquez, Arnold, Sarayu, Yen Yee and Terence. I wasn't close with the others till after our first break. I've come to know:
> Li Jin and Ivy because of the area we stay,
> Kevin and Wye Kik through basketball,
> Aaron, Tze Jian and Joel through common interest - football,
> Mun Hong and co through crap talks,
Peng Keat because of same hometown,
> the rest of the class throughout the time we're together.
And of course a few of the people who're not in my class or lecture including my bruder(Ah Theng), hot and spicy(Hao Deng), Pei Chin, Kenny, Huat and few others. The lecturers as well - Mr.Foo, Mr.David Loh, Ms. Chin, Ms. Tong, Ms. Joanna, Ms. Ong and Ms. Chua.

We went through many things together and shared so much time together.
They really made the time pass much faster than expected. You guys really rocks! Gonna miss you guys even its for around 1 and 1/2 month. Can't wait for 2nd semester to come!


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