Saturday, November 7, 2009

Test 3 T____T

This is the reason for my absence the past 2 weeks...

Test 3 T___T

Its a really sad case for all the scholars because it determines whether or not we would be able to retain our scholarship. And Mr. David Loh's comment was this: 65% of you... Will fail!!!
LMAO!!! Its really true though it wasn't Chemistry that is the killer... Physics was much harder!!!

Chemistry consists of many questions but most of them are the easier ones but Physics is like "what the heck???"... The time for the paper was 1 and a half hour and I was just done with the first 30 objective questions when there is 30 minutes left!!! Then there were 5 subjective questions which I've done only half of them... Thank you Mr. Soh Beng Seng a.k.a. Soh Beh Song for setting such high standard test paper... =____=

Hope I'll pass all my papers and get average 60marks... I don't want my dad to pay for my studies lar... 6k weih!!! Better take that money and start business... >.<#!!!

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