Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Outing with Kuantan Buddies

Its my first time driving alone at night while its raining!!!
At first, I thought mum and dad will never let me drive but after asking politely, they agreed to let me drive under one condition - the car must reach home by 12am. Its better than nothing. x)

Initially there were 5 of us all together.
Cho, Weng Seon, Li Ann, Yi Hui and me. But then Yi Hui could not make it because it was raining and the time for the outing was too late for her - she sleeps at 11pm, outing at 10pm. So, left the 4 of us.

We went to Kemaman Kopitiam because it is not found in KL.
I went to fetch Li Ann at her home. First time fetching someone other than my family member... Haha^^

It's been quite long I've not come out with them.
Cho and Sean have not changed much. But surprisingly, Li Ann changed a lot... She used to be stern and serious to the max. Now she's wacky, funny, easy going, kinda act cute and so much more hyperactive! I feel its much more easier and comfortable when she's around now compared to how it used to be.

We lepaked at KK till 11.50pm. Going to have another outing at ECM tomorrow^^

<~#The 'Wacky' Ann#~>

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