Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally Got A for Bio!!!

After 3 Test, my Bio really paid off! The first test got 72(2 marks short) and Test 2 got 73. I finally got an A for Bio in Test 3!!! Got 78^^

I asked Mr.Foo(my Bio lecturer) during Bio lecture this evening whether how many people got A for Bio. He said only two. My heart was crushed at that time... Then my friend, Marquez went on to ask him who got the highest marks. Mr.Foo looked at me and grinned. He pointed at me and said I got the highest for Bio in the whole lecture! My heart went flying and I was so hyped at that time!

So far, we've gotten 3.5 papers for our Test 3.
Only 7 scholars in my class have our scholarship hanging in the balance-Mun Hoong, Piak Lin, Kev, Marquez, Jia Ying, Sing Yan and me...
The papers that we've gotten so far:

Applied maths-36/50

My average is 60.3... Still need to get another 89 marks in my Pure maths and General Papers to secure my scholarship. Hope I wouldn't disappoint my parents this time...

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