Monday, November 16, 2009

What The.... Weather!!!

I don't know what is happening in this recent week...
Every time I wanna play basketball, it RAINS. When I'm not playing, it is CLEAR BLUE SKY!!! Dang... I've confirmed this by means of an experiment(on last Thursday and today). Both days were rainy days and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, it were the perfect days for outdoor sports. =..="...

It happens when I'm doing my laundry too!
It had been twice when I'm done washing my clothes(its actually the washing machine that does the job), I slide open the balcony door and the Heavens open. I had to keep all the clothes in the bucket for a few hours. If it turns smelly, I gotta wash the all over again... Waste my time... >.<

Today is the worst rainy day I've experienced at TARC.
It started to rain during our Bio practical as usual. Practical ends at 3.30p.m. and the freaking bus to my condo leaves at 3.15p.m. The next bus leaves at 4.30p.m. So, I went to Canteen 2 to have lunch. On the way, I saw Piak Lin(aka Ah Piak) and we went there together. I took my Star newspapers from the SAD and left it on the table where I'm suppose to sit along with my bags before going to buy food from the stall. I came back in less than 10 minutes and guess what? My newspapers were missing!!! What the... &%$^!!! Which freaking stingy idiot took it???

I didn't care much because I can consider it as donating to the beggars.
With exception that this one steals, not begs. At least beggars will say "thanks". Come to think of it, the person who took my newspapers are WORST than a lowly scavenger. Well, what is lost is lost. By the time I was finished with my lunch, the rain got heavier - not a good sign.

Seriously, I feel that the college needs a better drainage system.
Despite enlarging the drain near the uphill part to the car park, the rain water keep flushing down to the canteen! My shoe sole is about 1.5 inch and in cant see my shoe under the rain water. Plus, our college just got a bigger pool than the Olympic sized pool at the clubhouse - introducing... THE FLOODED FOOTBALL FIELD!

The worst part of rainy days - everything is WET!!!
My AND1 basketball shoes are WET, my sling bag is WET, my basketball bag is WET, my hoodie is WET, my shorts is WET, my hands are WET, my legs are WET, my socks are the worst - they are WET and SOGGY! So much for basketball for this week...

p.s: I'm not going to play basketball this week!!!

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