Monday, November 16, 2009

Shao Wen's Birthday Card

There, there... I'm back at why I does best!
Origami + Creativity = Shao Wen's Birthday Card
The last card I've made was like last year - helping Dom Dom and Allen to make cards for Eileen and Janey at NS camp. But this time is even worst. I have very very limited materials. All I had was the red heavy paper (that's what the origami artists call them), the W, E and N wood pieces which Li Jin bought from the Craft Haven at 1U, 2 pieces of blank A4 papers and the hard paperback of my test pad... In other word, the card is made of 80% reused materials. But I think its pretty cool. Haha...

I've spent the whole night just to finish the card in time.
Approximately 7 hours. The card doesn't really looked that hard to make... Only if you know how to make it. And my ideas keep changing as more and more ideas will pop out in my brains. The original plan was to make a normal 90 degree pop-out card like all my previous cards. But all of the sudden I've come out with an idea to make a 180 degree pop-out card. It took some time to take shape as I was experimenting with my waste papers. After a few experiments, I came out with a prototype with can stand and is stable.

Its really exciting doing paper arts! ^^
I get to challenge myself to make more varieties and creative things. Its like making something out of nothing! Really enjoy it...

The front page, the W, E and N are wood pieces to create the 3-D effect.
The words are to describe briefly about Shao Wen:
The interior, center piece is the pop out ring of flower with the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written beneath it. The ring was made with the flower drawn on a piece of blank A4 paper and glued onto the hard paperback and cut with knife and scissors. Then, it is held by 4 pieces of paper which enables it to pop up when the card is opened. Note the tiny hollow compartments. That is what that consumed the large amount of my time cause it needs precision...

Seriously, I like the flower very much!
I found the picture on the web (I've very limited time to think of my own design for everything) and copied it onto the paper. It really looks great after I've finished cutting all the petals out to make the hollow compartments. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the card... One that I can be proud of... x)

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