Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Time @ Johor

22nd Nov 09, my first time to set foot on Johor soil.
I went there with my eldest bro, Simon and sis, Samantha. My bro came to KL to fetch me as it is my break already. He was en route to Bukit Tinggi to exchange car with his colleague. He was driving his boss' car(Innova) and changed to his company car(Hilux).

I wasn't excited at all to travel to Johor actually speaking.
Well, its true that I've never been there. But I'm very sure that Bukit Tinggi is some kinda "ulu" place which is very very dull and boring... And its true! The original plan was to travel from KL to BT at 12pm and reach there by 2pm, change the car then travel straight back to Kuantan. Most of the time, plans don't really go as planned. At 10am, Simon's colleague called and said that he's only free by 8pm.

Change of plan, leave KL at 5pm.
So, we decided to go "gai gai" at 1U. Bad idea!!! Both Simon and I were not very sure how to go there... We started off from Jalan Genting-Klang and go all the way to Bangsar just to go around and around then lost at some where in Damansara. The whole journey taken us 2 and 1/2 hours... We eventually given up on finding 1U. It took us around 1 hour to get back to Bukit Bintang. We ate there and walked around Sungei Wang Plaza till 6.30pm.

Bad traffic = bad day!!!
We were stuck in the middle of the traffic for 30 mins at the exit to the highway from Bukit Bintang. Initial time traveling to Johor - 7.00pm. We manage to reach there at 9.30pm and paid more than 40 bucks for the toll! Got butchered... T__T

Simon said that he was too tired to drive.
So, we stayed at a cheap hotel for a night. The worst thing is... No internet connections!!! We went for supper at the nearby hawker stall. One thing about Johor, their food are great! I had 2 "dau sar pau", 1 chicken wing, 1/2 plate of "kang kung" cuttle fish and 4 pieces of smoked "otak-otak"... Super filling!!! x) We went back and sleep at 12am.

Woke up at 12pm the next day.
We went for breakfast and left at 1pm. The whole journey back to Kuantan is seriously boring. Since I've slept for so many hours, I'm fresh during the whole journey. The only thing I see is... Oil palm trees, oil palm trees and more oil palm trees... My phone was frequently out of network coverage... I will follow you... Kononnya... >.< Reached Kuantan at 5pm. Its been raining since then till now...

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